Diving at Teluk Cenderawasih National Park

Teluk Cenderawasih National Park is located at the northern part of Papua. It is an excellent place for diving in Indonesia. This place is known for a variety of fish species such as butterflyfish, moonyfish and it is a dwelling spot for one of the largest animals in the world – whale sharks. In the region of the Kwatisore village, 70km/43mi to the west from Nabire city these giant fish usually gather near floating platforms, called ‘bahan’, where fishermen catch small fish with nets. During one dive it is possible to see one or two representatives of the species. Diving at this region has only started to develop. Annual safari diving is organized and divers have an excellent opportunity to visit untouched reefs and perform dives to some wrecks of the WWII. There are dive sites where the dives are possible for divers with OWD and AOWD. See more details and check prices for Indonesia liveaboards.

Location: Northern part of Papua

What to see: Besides whale sharks it is also possible to find turtles. Among them there are Bisa turtles (hawksbill sea turtles), green marine turtles (olive turtles) and Leatherback sea turtles.

During the dives divers can see dugongs, coconut crabs, dolphins and sharks. The underwater landscape has magnificent vertical cliffs, picturesque coral gardens and many sponges. There are also colonies of black, blue and soft corals.”

Depth: 5-40m/16-131ft

Currents: 2-3knots

Visibility: 10-30m/33-99ft

Season for diving: The best time for visiting Cenderawasih is a period from April to November. The weather during this period is mild with weak wind and rain. Water temperature ranges between 27-30C/81-86F. Average air temperature is 27-32C/81-90F.


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