Diving at Tubbataha reef

Tubbataha is located in the very center of the Sulu Sea. It is a national marine park that consists of two coral atolls: northern and southern. They are separated with a channel that is 8km/5mi wide. Tubbataha reef is one of the most fascinating coral reefs on our planet. It amazes with its marine dwellers and approximately 300 coral species and 600 fish, 11 shark and 13 dolphin and whale species. There are also 100 bird species. Tubbataha reef is a nesting place of Bissau turtles and green turtles. The reef can be visited in safari mode only. Transfer from Puerto Princess takes about 10 hours. It is recommended to have a certificate not lower than AOWD. See all Philippines liveaboards.

Location: The center of the Sulu Sea

What to see: Frogfish, lionfish, wrasses, jacks, barracudas, mackerel, sea turtles, dolphins, corals, sharks etc.

Depth: 15-100m/49-328ft

Currents: 1-3knots


Season for diving: The Tubbataha reef is available from March to the beginning of June.The best period for diving is from February to May. In contrast to the north of Philippines, the islands Palawan and Busuanga don’t have a clear monsoon period. A more humid period is from June to November. The water temperature doesn’t vary greatly. In March-May it varies between 31-28C/87-82F correspondingly.


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