Diving in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the most interesting regions for diving in the Mediterranean Sea. It offers possibilities for organization of dives at various dive-sites with a varied relief (vertical walls, grottos, tunnels and caves), remnants of ancient amphorae and sunken vessels, the most popular of which is Zenobia ferry. Cyprus offers daily diving together with comfortable living in a hotel. To obtain a full impression of diving in Cyprus, divers should visit its most ancient city and one of touristic centers – Larnaka city, which location provides an easy access to almost all of the most interesting dive sites. Diving at the wreck of Zenobia is suitable for more experienced divers. Find and book online your next Cyprus diving trip.

Location: eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea

What to see: Here divers can admire a fascinating landscape, vertical walls, caves, underwater reefs, fragments of amphorae, and abundant marine life: parrotfish, wrasses, sea peacocks, shrimps, nudibrachs, octopuses, morays, green and big-headed turtles, dolphins, monk seals, octopuses, squids etc.

Depth: 17-42m/63-108ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 20-35m/65-115ft

Season for diving: Diving is available from April to November, while the best month are October and November. The water temperature at Cyprus at this period averages between 20-29C/68-84F.


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