Diving in Kash

Kash is one of the most untypical towns of Turkey. Kash is surrounded by fur woods and washed by Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, that make this place a unique spot. It encourages for relaxation and making an effective diving. Although Turkey is not considered a good place for diving, Kash comprise the number of the best dive sites in Turkey, that impress with their magnificence. In the IV century B.C. there was a port city Antiphellos on the place where there is Kash and it was an important part of the Likya Civilization. Divers can feel true discoverers of ancient civilization, after finding amphorae, household ware and stone remnants of the buildings. Kash is also famous for its wrecks. Sometimes local authorities sunk small ships on purpose to create an opportunity for wreck diving training, like at Neptune Reef dive site. Divers will get lots of unbelievable impressions after visiting avia-wreck at Flying Fish Reef, where “Hawk” plane crushed. The underwater world in Kash is characterized by various relief forms. The most notable in this case are Canyon and Tunnel dive sites. There are lots of grottos, tunnels, cracks, where various marine creatures live. Diving is performed from dive boats. Diving in Kash is suitable for both novice and experienced divers. However, diving requirements depend on the dive site.

Location: Southwestern Turkey, 168km/104mi west of the city of Antalya

What to see: Groupers, octopuses, nudibranchs, morays, barracudas, sea turtles – loggerheads, dentexes, lobsters and others

Depth: 22-71m/72-232ft

Currents: The current’s strength depends on the place of diving and weather conditions.

Visibility: About 40m/131ft

Season for diving: The average monthly temperature in April is 21C/69F, in July 33C/91F, in October 26C/78F, in January 14C/57F. Season for daily diving lasts from April to October, but peak season is from June to September. Water temperature during this period ranges between 17-25C/62-77F.


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