Diving in Malta

Diving in Malta is very popular. It comprises transparent water, various underwater landscapes, rocky relief of the coast and incredibly rich in flora and fauna numerous grottos. Deeply fractured coastline form multiple bays, rocky harbors with grottos and comfortable sandy beaches. The underwater world of Malta is rich and interesting. Here are no coral reefs, but there are plenty of various fish in the incredibly transparent water among the cracks in the rocks, in numerous grottos and caves. However, the most interesting dives can be performed in Malta caves. There are no strong currents and the depth at most of the sites doesn’t exceed 40m/131ft. The most popular dive sites are Santa Maria caves at Comino, Dwejra point, St. Paul’s Island, St. Dimitri’s Point, Cominotto reef at Gozo, Blenheim bombardier wreck, “Carolita” barge, English warship “Maori”, the statue of Jesus near Qawra point and many others. Find and book your next Malta diving trip.

Location: A country in south Europe comprising an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea

What to see: Octopuses, squids, starfish, sea urchins, crabs and cuttlefish, Mediterranean groupers, parrot fish, red mullets, John Dory fish (mostly in winter), stingrays, flounders, sea horses, tunas, sharks, sword fish, dolphins etc.




Season for diving: The climate of Malta Archipelago is Mediterranean with dry hot summer and mild rainy winter. Peak diving season is from May to October. The average temperature in February is 12C/53F and in August – 25C/77F. In winter months the water temperature on the surface is not lower than 14C/57F. In summer the average water temperature is 23C/73F.

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