Diving near the north-eastern coast of Sri Lanka

During the rest in Sri Lanka divers can admire almost all of the most interesting sights on the island. Sigiriya (means Lion’s rock) is one of the numerous sights of the Ceylon Island. The Sigiriya mountain on the upper plateau still has well preserved ruins of the fortress, which looks like a sleeping lion, built by king Kassapa. It attracts more and more tourists and photographers every year. This lion was included into the list of the world heritage in 1982. The Kassapa fortress was built in the 5th century so that the king could hide from the pursuit of his brother. To the south of Sigiriya in Dambulla town on the top of the mountain (350m/1148ft above sea level) there is a golden temple of Dambulla that consists of 5 caves. Here is the largest collection of Buddha statues most of which are more than 2000 years old. The glance of the visitors can hardly miss the frescoes that decorate the walls and ceiling. This is a true treasury of temple wall art. Minneriya park is located 149km/92mi to the south of Colombo city, near a large Minneriya lake. A large population of elephants, which consists of about 200 individuals, is the pride of the park. It is obvious that it is impossible to meet 200 elephants simultaneously; because such a herd won’t be able to feed on one territory. That is why the elephants live in small herds of 10-15 representatives. It’s not difficult to find such a group in the park. Park consists of mixed evergreen forest and bushes. It is a home for deers, leopards, elephants, various reptiles and a great diversity of birds. Kandy is an ancient capital of Ceylon. It is a very picturesque town located among the hills. The main sights of Kandy is a wide Mahaweli Ganga river and also a famous Sri Lankan temple where “a sacred tooth” of Buddha is kept. Not far from Kandy there is a Botanical Garden Peradeniya – a great collection of tropical trees and plants. There is an artificial lake in the center of the town created by the last king of Kandy. In the center of a small island the king also built a royal summer palace, where he kept his harem. On the shore there is also Dalada Maligawa – the Temple of Buddha’s sacred tooth. One of the most fascinating processions – Esala Perahera is connected with the relict. Every year before the full-moon in August a sanctuary is introduced to the common view. Thousands of people come here to see this sight. Location: south-west of the Bay of Bengal, south Asia near south-east India What to see: numerous sights: Sigiriya (ruins of the fortress), Dambulla (golden temple), Minneriya park (about 200 elephants and other animals: deers, leopards, elephants, various reptiles and birds), Kandy (a temple with a sacred Buddha’s tooth). Depth: 10-25m/32-82ft Currents: 1-2knots Visibility: up to 40m/131ft Season for diving: the best time is from April to October, when water temperature averages between 25-30C/77-86F. In December and January the monsoon brings rain to this part of Sri Lanka. Find and book your next Sri Lanka diving trip.


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