Diving on the Barocay Island

Barocay Island is one of the most beautiful and “party” resorts of the Philippines. It is famous for many kilometers of long beaches with the tiniest white coral sand that is a descent rival of the beaches in Caribbean, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Among the sights at Barocay Island it is possible to point out a 4km/2mi long white beach at the western part of the island along which a quay-promenade with bars, restaurants, disco clubs and souvenir shops stretches. The tours are possible to the waterfalls, butterfly garden, caves with bats, ecopark with mangrove forest and shell museum. Divers can perform dives to coral reefs, vertical walls and wrecks. Most of the dive sites won’t take more than 5-30 minutes, that makes diving extremely comfortable. The underwater landscape decorates the bottom with white sand that reflects the sun light. Here divers can discover an amazing underwater world with its numerous dwellers.

Location: North of the Sulu Sea, Philippines

What to see: At the reefs it is possible to see small underwater dwellers like needlefish, gobies, nudibranchs and colorful reef fish like damselfish, angelfish, napoleonfish, squirrel and cardinal fish. There are also parrotfish, emperorfish and triggerfish at 15-20m/49-65ft depth, while pelagic sharks, tunas, rays. Beautiful corals can be seen at Crocodile and Laurel islands.

Depth: 7-60m/22-196ft

Currents: The currents at the eastern and western part of the island are low and dive sites are perfect for beginners. At the north and south, the currents can be rather strong.

Visibility:The visibility at the dive sites depends on the temperature of the water. In warm summer months (April-June) it can be 30-50m/98-164ft and in cold period (December-February) it can be 5-10m/16-32ft. From December to February there is also plankton and seaweed blooming.

Season for diving: Daily diving is organized either at the western side of the island during the north-eastern monsoon (December-February) or in the eastern part during the south-western monsoon (July-September). The Barocay is visited all year round but some of the dive sites can be unavailable during the monsoons. There are two seasons at Philippines: dry (December-June) and wet (July-November). The average water temperature is about 28C/82F. The coldest water is about 21C/69F and it can be observed in the period from December to February at 30m/98ft depth. The warmest months are April and May, when the temperature can reach the maximum of 32C/89F.

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