Hunting and fishing at Hitra Island

Hitra Island attracts fishermen and hunters. This place in one of the most famous in Norway and one of the most popular in the Northern Europe. It has several thousands of small islands that are connected with tunnels and roads. As Hitra Island is located to the north of Oslo, there are more chances of catching trophy fish. The conditions for fishing and hunting at Hitra are good. Fisherman stations are located at secure places protected from strong winds and storms. Depth for hunters ranges between 5-10m/16-32ft. The license is not required. One can fish in private or closed lakes.

Location: Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway

What to see: It is possible to find burbots, codfish, halibuts, salmons, pollocks, wolffish, anglerfish, haddocks, monkfish, lings, saithes, mackerels, sea basses, flounders and narwhals. Among shellfish one can catch mussels, oysters, lobsters, scallops, crayfish and crabs.

Depth: 5-10m/16-32ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: Good visibility is in February – at the beginning of June and in September (15-20m/49-65ft).

Season for diving: The season for diving at Hitra is all year round. The peak season takes place from May to October. It differs from low season by low probability of the storms. There is no ice as the island is washed by Gulfstream. The water temperature is 6-8C/42-46F in April and 8-12C/46-53F in August. In winter it is 2-7C/35-44F so the divers should use dry suits.

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