Silver Bank

Silver Bank is a 20mi²/51km² marine resort that is located in the waters between the Dominican Republic and Turks and Caicos islands. In the period from January to April the resort is visited by humpback whales thanks to safe conditions for wintering and breeding. Silver Bank is one of several places on earth, where it is possible to snorkel near the whales. Humpback whales reach 13-14m/43-45ft length and weigh more than 30 tons. Regardless of this, the whales are playful and active. They jump out from the water and rise myriads of splashes and the fountain of breathed out water can reach 5m/16ft height. For all those who want to dive with whales it is advisable to have hydro suit and long closed foot fins for snorkeling. See details and prices for all Turks and Caicos liveaboards.

Location: 90km/56mi north of the Dominican Republic

What to see: magnificent humpback whales that visit this place for wintering and breeding

Depth: 18-30m/59-98ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: The best time is from January to April. The water temperature varies between 24-28C/75-82F.

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