Underwater hunting in the SAR

South Africa is known not only for a unique migration of the sardines and possibility to watch wild animals in their natural habitat, but also for the waters of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans that create excellent opportunities for underwater hunting. Underwater hunting and various types of fishing are possible along all the SAR coast. However, the main region with a developed infrastructure that is required for organization of underwater is Cape Peninsula. Here divers can catch dorado, barracudas, sword fish, maco sharks and wahoos from May to September and yellowfin tunas from October to May. Very often the fishing or hunting is combined with crabs and lobsters catching. Only experienced hunters are recommended to participate in fishing.

Location: The southern edge of Africa

What to see: Dorado, barracudas, sword fish, maco sharks, wahoos, yellowfin tunas, crabs, lobsters etc.

Depth: about 15m/49ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: can reach 25m/82ft

Season for diving: The best periods are from May to September and from October to May. The average water temperature varies between 18-22C/64-71F.


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