Aktun-Ha cenote / Mexico

Aktun-Ha cenote
     Aktun-Ha cenote is better known as Car Wash, because cars have been washed at this place before. It is located 8km/5mi from Tulum. The level of water is significantly lower than the ground level so it makes finding the cenote very easy. The descent starts at the wooden platform. Cavern dives are possible up- and downstream. The entrance to the cenote is very wide and it runs through the roots of the fallen trees.
   As divers look back to the entrance, they can feel like they are under the clouds, because of the algae that grow close to the surface. The light, falling through the tree roots, creates a miraculous light show that decorates a large room behind these roots. Inside divers can admire stalactites, stalagmites and huge vaulted arches.
Location: north-east of Yukatan Peninsula, 8km/5mi from Tulum
What to see: stalactites, stalagmites, huge vaulted arches spectacular light show, freshwater turtles and schools of various fish.
Depth: 5-9m/15-30ft
Currents: 1 knot
Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft
Season for diving: All year round, although the best diving conditions are from November to May when the temperature is approximately 30C/86F


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