Alcyone / Costa Rica

Стая акул-молот

Alcyone is located about 1.6km/1mi from the southern shore of the island, to the north-east of the Submerged Rock. It is an underwater rock that rises from a sandy bottom at 46m/150ft depth. The peak is located at 25m/82ft below water surface and it is sliced with various canyons. This place is considered a key point during the migration of fish species. At the very beginning of the dive, the predators escape in various directions, but then they start showing interest to the divers and come closer. Finally, after fish become brave enough, they swim above the divers’ heads like a squadron of bombers. Due to strong currents the descending and ascending are conducted by using a descended rope.

Location: the South Pacific Ocean, 550km/341mi off the mainland of Costa Rica, near Cocos Island

What to see: Here divers can see the largest, in this region, schools of hammerheads which may include up to 300 representatives. In addition, there are many other species as well: various kinds of sharks, tunas, marlins, rays, mantas, morays, turtles, yellowfin tunas and dolphins.

Depth: 25-35m/82-114ft

Currents: 2 knots

Visibility: 10-35m/32-114ft

Season for diving: All year round, although the best time is from May to October. The average water temperature is 26-29C/78-84F.


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