Black Coral Forest / Hawaiian Islands

Incredible and immense “forest” of rare black corals is located at 40-45m/131-148ft depth in an underwater sandy channel. Rare longnose hawkfish – an exotic fish, that has an unusual and fancy look, swim among large corals. At the bottom between corals and stones there is a moray’s hideout and above the forest it is possible to spot the schools of barracudas.

Location: North Pacific Ocean, eastern shore of the Kona Island

What to see: black corals, morays, barracudas, longnose hawkfish

Depth: 40-45m/131-148ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: All year round. However, the period from October to April is not so suitable because of a great amount of the rainfall. Water temperature ranges between 22-26C/72-79F.


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