Brothers Islands / Egypt

Lighthouse (Big Brother island)

Brothers Islands are situated in the very centre of the Red sea, about 55km/34mi to the south-west of Al-Qusayr. Two islands Big Brother and Little Brother are separated only by 1km/0.6mi distance. The islands are two peaks of the ridges rising from 300m/984ft depth. They are a part of National Marine Park that also includes Daedalus Reef and two single islands – Zabargad Island and Rocky Island. Due to remoteness from the mainland this reserve is a real oasis of wild marine nature.

Big Brother Island stretches for 300m/984ft. On the western part of the island there is a functioning beacon built by Englishmen in 1880. Its light illuminates the territory of 27km/16mi. At the southern part of the reef there is a plateau that ends with a steep side. Divers are attracted here not only by a marvelous landscape, diversity of marine inhabitants, but also by wrecks for which this island became the last shelter. A characteristic feature of this place is that there are two wrecks: a cargo vessel Numidia (wrecked in 1901) and a steamer Aida (sunk in 1957), that are located almost vertically.

Little Brother is remarkable for a high concentration of life on a small territory. In the northern and southern part of the island there are two plateaus at 45m/147ft depth. In all the southern part of the reef there are numerous caves, overhangs and passages, which are covered with colorful linen of soft corals.

Location: 80km/49mi offshore of Marsa Alam, almost in the middle of the Red Sea
What to see: Near the Big Island divers can find almost all the fauna of the Red Sea – starting from the tiniest reef fish and ending with the greatest predators, including almost all kinds of sharks, while near the Little Brother Island divers can admire black, red, blue and pink corals of fantastical forms and a forest of huge gorgonarias with the height till 3m/9ft.
Depth: 25-70m/82-229ft
Currents: strong
Visibility: 20-40m/65-131 ft


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