Calavera cenote / Mexico

Calavera cenote
     Calavera cenote from Spanish means “the skull”. It is the first cenote on the way to Coba that is 5 minutes from Tulum. Such name was given to the cenote because of three holes on the roof of the cave that resemble mouth and eyes. The place is known as Temple of Doom. This cenote was connected with Sac-Actun cenote in 2007 and nowadays it is a part of this gigantic cave system.
    The diving starts with the entrance though “the mouth” of the skull. The descent is possible either from the ladder or jumping from 3m/9ft height. While swimming on the surface, divers can find themselves staying inside a large underground chamber, only the part of which is visible from the top. This is a home for microbats and cave swiftlets who live under the ceiling of the cave. On both sides of the cave, one may find gigantic stone boulders and stalagmites on the bottom. At 10-15m/32-49ft depth there is halocline – the mixture of salt and fresh water.

Location: north-east of Yukatan Peninsula, 5 minutes from Tulum

What to see: gigantic stone boulders, stalagmites and stalactites, amazing visual effects of halocline, microbats and cave swiftlets who live under the ceiling

Depth: 5-16m/16-52ft

Currents: no currents

Visibility: 7-30m/23-98ft

Season for diving: All year round.

The average temperature is 25C/77F


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