Channel Steps / Philippines

A captivating diving is a drift diving, that takes place in the channel between Barocay and Panai islands. The relief consists of numerous walls with cliffs that resemble the stairs. There is a small cave at 30m/98ft depth where rays and whitetip reef sharks usually rest.

Location: South-east of Barocay Island, the Sulu Sea

What to see: Gorgonarias and sponges grow on the walls like a decoration. There are sweetlips fish, groupers, rays, whitetip reef sharks etc.

Depth: 25-35m/82-115ft

Currents: 2knots

Visibility: 5-10m/16-32ft

Season for diving: All year round, although diving depends on two monsoons. From December to February water is the coldest – about 21C/69F. The warmest months are April and May with maximum temperature 32C/89F.

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