Chikin-Ha cenote / Mexico

Chikin-Ha cenote
Chikin-Ha is located 25km/15mi from Playa del Carmen and is the first cenote in the system that connects several cenotes with underground passages that stretch for 10km/6mi. The dive takes place though the “bath” that is located at the entrance to the cenote. During the dive one might admire the rainbow at the neighbor cenote. After passing 10m/32ft depth, one might observe the effect of combining fresh and salt water – halocline. As divers descend lower, the temperature becomes warmer. On coming closer to the surface, divers can see the roots of various plants that form underground jungles. During a sunny day one might see spectacular performance of light on the ceiling.

Location: North-eastern shore of Yucatan Peninsula, 25km/15mi from Playa del Carmen

What to see: Rainbow, halocline, “underwater jungles”, light show

Depth: 10-14m/32-45ft

Currents: None

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: All year round. The average temperature is 20C/68F


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