Copper Wreck / Cyprus

Copper Wreck

Copper Wreck is a military British ship of Man O’War type with copper bottom of the body that sunk near the reef at the western part of Acrotiri Peninsula about 120 years ago. After the crash not much copper has remained, but it is still possible to find copper and brass sprigs and nails that are in the body of the sunken vessel. Divers that will descend to the wreck will see industrial underwater landscapes, caves, arches and variety of interesting colorful fish species.

Location: South of Akrotiri Peninsula, the Sea of Crete

What to see: Various reef fish, corals and impressive underwater landscapes

Depth: 15-45/49-148m

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: Diving is available from April to November. Water temperature is 21C/70F in May, 29C/84F in August and 24C/75F in October.


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