Dreamgate cenote / Mexico

Dreamgate cenote
    Dreamgate cenote is located 1km/0.6mi to the south of Dos Ojos cenote. It has two invariable cave routes, one of which can be performed against the stream and the other – downstream. These two routes are totally different. The route against the stream starts and ends near the platform. One can swim clockwise or counter-clockwise. This little cave is one of the best known sights with abundance of rock formations.
    Shallowness and fragile formations require fine diving skills and ability to stay on the surface. In some places, one can see some soda formations that look like straws – it is a first stage of stalactite formation. These formations are very brittle and even an air bubble can destroy them. That’s why divers should keep distance to avoid irreparable damages. In the center, under the dome, there is an air pocket with stalactites that hang from the ceiling, passing through the water surface and reflecting in it. As divers stand inside the cave, being surrounded with stalactites and stalagmites, they might feel like staying inside a mouth of some mythical beast.
    The diving is available for those divers who have the certificate of cavern and cave diving.

Location: north-east of Yukatan Peninsula, 1km/0.6 mi to the south of Dos Ojos cenote

What to see: a cave with thousands of amazing stalactites and stalagmites


Currents: no currents

Visibility: 50-80m/164-262ft

Season for diving: All year round.

The average temperature is 26C/79F


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