El Eden cenote / Mexico

El Eden cenote
El Eden cenote («Pon-de Rosa») is situated 3km/1.8mi to the south of Puerto Aventuras and 25km/15mi to the south of Playa del Carmen. It is a system of cenotes including Corral cenote, Alaina’s Garden and Little Joe cenote. Large and beautiful cenote resembles a swimming pool in the middle of the jungles. Large rocks are covered with moss and plants. At the very bottom of the cenote divers can admire lots of various fish and underwater plants. This place is great for diving, snorkeling and also diving courses when the weather conditions do not allow sea diving. Halls are very large and greater part of the diving takes place near Coral Garden. At 10m/32ft there is halocline zone. Cave divers can explore a lot of passages that connect neighbor cenotes.

Location: North-eastern shore of Yucatan Peninsula, 25km/15mi to the south of Playa del Carmen

What to see: Underwater rocks, halocline, various fish, freshwater eels, cichlids, turtles and lots of underwater plants

Depth: 13-16m/42-52ft

Currents: None

Visibility: 10-40m/32-131ft

Season for diving: All year round. The average temperature is 24-25C/75-77F


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