El Pit cenote / Mexico

El Pit cenote
One can reach El Pit cenote via Dos Ojos situated 1km/0.6mi to the south of Xel-Ha. El Pit cenote is the deepest part of Dos Ojos system and the longest underwater grotto in the world. Only experienced, cave and cavern divers are permitted to dive there. The adventure starts with passing of 300m/984ft way at the edge of the cenote. There are two variants of descending – a brave jump from 6m/19ft height or more calm, but at the same time more complicated descent along the cenote side. At the very beginning of the dive into fresh water divers can admire an amazing landscape with sunbeams entering crystal-clear water. It is very similar to Angelita cenote, where descending divers can observe an island appearing from the cloud of hydrogen sulphide. The layer of hydrogen sulphide is not so dense as at Angelina cenote, so it is possible to see all the way back to El Pit cenote. It is one of the most spectacular cenotes. Deeper there is less light and white mist becomes visible. Descending into the mist, divers can see nothing but clouds of mist and get unforgettable feelings of weightlessness under the water and adrenaline running high. Divers with the certificate of cavern and cave diving are permitted to dive here.


Location: North-eastern shore of Yucatan Peninsula, 12km/7mi north of Tulum

What to see: Stalactites and stalagmites, clouds of hydrogen sulphide, halocline, crystal-clear water

Depth: 10-40m/32-65ft

Currents: None

Visibility: 10-40m/32-131ft

Season for diving: All year round. The average temperature is 24-25C/75-77F


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