Fury shoals / Egypt

Claudia reef

Fury Shoals is a large reef system in the south of the Red Sea. It is situated in 85km/52mi to the South of St. John’s archipelago. Fury Shoals is famous and loved by the divers for the diversity of diving conditions and underwater landscapes. The currents at Fury Shoals archipelago are not very strong comparing with close St. John’s and Rocky Islands, so dives in many spots are available even for novices. On the other hand, experienced divers can try drift diving here, combining it with deep descends and passing through numerous caves at different depths. Fury Shoals reef system has many interesting dive sites, such as Abu Galava Soraya, Dolphin reef and one of the most popular dive sites of the Red Sea – Claudia reef.

Abu Galava Soraya has a fascinating coral garden and a sunken private yacht. This dive site consists of several islands and reefs. Claudia reef, one of the most famous dive sites of the Red Sea, is situated here. The reef is unique due to its marvelous coral gardens, plenty of shallow caves and passages. The reefs columns create fascinating labyrinths. Sunbeams penetrate the caves through the holes illuminating a colorful underwater world. The western part of the reef is remarkable for its 3m/9ft high coral domes. Dolphin reef is a small reef resembling a horse head. In the south-eastern part of the reef there is a secure lagoon. It is often used for dives and night stops. 

Location: the southern part of the Red Sea

What to see: Here divers can observe the diversity of marine world: coral garden of soft and hard corals, morays, groupers, parrotfish, butterflyfish, reef sharks, glassfish, shrimps, devilfish, gorgonarias, lucians, mullus, napoleon fish, actinia, anemone, sometimes sharks and friendly dolphins
Depth: 12-40m/39-131ft
Currents: average
Visibility: 15-30m/49-98ft
Season for diving: All year long. The average temperature in January is 26C/79F and in July 40C/104F


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