Gran Cenote / Mexico

Gran Cenote
Gran Cenote is located 3-4km/1-2mi from the center of Tulum city. This place is a part of Sac-Aktun system – one of the most branched ones on the Yucatan Peninsula. It is also called “the Mayan caves”. The left part of the cenote is an underwater cave which divers can enter using the ladder. The diving runs along a round cavern at 10m/32ft depth. The entrance can be seen during the whole dive and divers can admire the fascinating performance of light. Gran Cenote consists of various stalactites and stalagmites frequently united into huge columns that are clearly visible in crystal clean water. This place is great for both professionals and novices and even kids.

Location: north-east of the Yucatan Peninsula, 3-4km/1-2mi from the center of Tulum city

What to see: fascinating stalactites and stalagmites united into huge columns, the light show in crystal clear water


Currents: no currents

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: All year round. The average temperature is 20C/68F


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