Hitra Island / Norway

Hitra Island is located to the south of Lofonten islands near the entrance to Tronheim Fjord that is below the polar circle. It is one of the largest islands at the Norway shores and one of the most popular spots for fishermen and hunters.
There are lakes rich in mackerel, and bays with salmon farms. The relief of the bottom consists of various plateaus, where there are eels, cods and halibuts.
Due to warm current Norway Sea never freezes and fishing is possible all year round. Dives should dive in dry suits.
The fishermen can use herring as a bait. Fishing equipment is metal pilkers 300-750gr weight, metal loads of 150-400gr, fishing lines with hooked garlands.
For underwater hunters there are many places for hunting. These are secure from wind harbors with 6-10m/19-32ft depth. The license is not required.
Diving at Hitra region is also interesting. Underwater world of the Northern Sea is varied. One of the interesting dive sites is a sunken wreck. Drift diving is possible in daily mode.

Location: Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway

What to see: Fishermen can catch salmons, pollocks, wolffish, anglerfish, haddocks, monkfish, saithes, sea basses, scallops, crabs, flounders. There are also shrimps, crabs, scallops and plenty of other fish that can be spotted during the dive.

Depth: 6-10m/19-32ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: Visibility is good in February and beginning of June and Septermber: 15-20m/49-65ft. In August the visibility is worse because of plankton.

Season for diving: Peak period is from May to October. The water temperature is 6-8C/42-46F in April and 8-12C/46-53F in August. In winter it is 2-7C/35-44F.


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