Kogyo Maru / Philippines

Kogyo Maru
The left side of this 180m/590ft long vessel is covered with various corals. Anti-aircraft weapons are in a well-preserved condition. The cargo of the vessel (cement-mixer, bulldozer and building material) is available for observing in the hauls which can be accessed from several places.

Location: West of Sangat Island, Coron Bay

What to see: At the wreck, divers can see various fish species including huge groupers that often gather here. Also divers can explore hauls and their cargo.

Depth: 25-34m/82-112ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: 5-10m/16-33ft

Season for diving: The period from March to June is the best for diving. The average temperature is about 21-28C/68-82F.


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