Las 7 matas de coco / Dominican Republic


Dive site Las 7 matas de coco (or seven coconut trees) got such a name because it is located in front of the spot where seven large palm trees grew. Thanks to this the place could be easily identified. The palms were destroyed during the hurricane that stroke the island in 1989. The dive site offers interesting diving among the coral reefs. Its coordinates are 18 ° 26’15 .48 «N / 69 ° 41’28 .56″ W.

Location: near Santo Domingo, La Caleta, underwater national park

What to see: Divers can find plenty of starfish. From time to time it is possible to see hawksbill sea turtles.

Depth: 11-14m/36-45ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: The best period is from June to September. The water temperature averages between 25-28C/77-82F.


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