Makongi Island / Fiji

Coral reef
Makongi Island is a home for a diversity of marine dwellers. There are several amazing dive sites near the island.
Coral Gardens is a dive site with several shallow coral reefs. Visibility is usually limited by 15m/49ft due to a large number of plankton. E-6 and Hi-8 are two coral reefs that rise from 1000m/3280ft depth to the surface. At E-6 there is a grotto, which walls are covered with actiniae and mytilidae, soft coral and colored annelids. Makongi Channel is a dive site that is suitable for drift diving along the currents. The visibility reaches 35m/114ft and abundance of local flora makes the diving very interesting. Rustic Arch is a coral arch near which it is possible to find morays, scorpaena and napoleon fish. White Rock is a rock where one can spot eels, whitetip sharks, eagle rays, caesiums, triggerfish and mantas.
Location: South-western part of the Pacific Ocean, near Savusavu archipelagoWhat to see: At these dive sites tourist often observe hammerheads, whitetip and nurse sharks, morays, sea turtles, plenty of scallops, tropical fish, turtles, occasionally, whales. Plenty of little fish swim around soft corals, coral trees, actiniae and gorgonarias.Depth:10-40m/32-131ftCurrents: 1knot

Visibility: 15-40m/49-131ft

Season for diving: All year round. Water temperature averages between 26-30C/78-86F.


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