Malpelo Island / Costa Rica

Malpelo Island © Undersea Hunter Group

Malpelo Island is located 36 hour trip to the south east of Cocos Island. It occupies the territory of 4km²/1.5mi² and belongs to Columbia. In the opinion of many divers, it is a shark capital. A great number of various sharks and other fish can be spotted here. There are a lot of walls and caves, besides, at 9-30m/29-98ft depth there is thermocline. Such characteristics of local dive sites require certain experience and skills.

Location: The South Pacific Ocean, 500km/310mi to the west of the Buenaventura harbor in the Colombian Pacific coast

What to see: Here divers can meet large schools of hammerheads, diving with which will bring lots of unforgettable impressions. The other representatives of marine fauna are schools of lucians, rockfish, lobsters, rays, mantas, dolphins, green morays and angelfish. Sometimes humpback whales and whale sharks can be seen.

Depth: 18-40m/59-131ft

Currents: 2-3knots

Visibility: 18-30m/59-98ft

Season for diving: All year round, although the best time is from May to September. The average water temperature from January to March is 16-18C/60-64F below the thermocline, and then it warms up to 28C/82F in July- August.


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