Manuka Bay / Hawaiian Islands

Angel fish
Manuka Bay is one of the most interesting and famous dive sites of Kona island. It is a wide and secure bay. The underwater landscape mostly consists of large magmatic “fingers” covered with a thick carpet of soft and hard corals. In the lagoon divers can observe dolphins.
Night diving is fascinating and unforgettable – magmatic ergs and coral gardens in the light of the torches look like an underwater castle from a fairy tale. Besides, exotic night visitors such as Spanish dancers can be often spotted at the shallow water.
Location: North Pacific Ocean, south-eastern shore of the Kona Island
What to see: here divers can often meet barracudas, dolphins, rare fire angelfish, various species of cancroids and spineless, and admire magmatic ergs and coral gardens.

Depth: 4.6-18.3m/15-60ft

Currents: None

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: All year round. However, the rainy season is from October to April. Water temperature ranges between 22-26C/72-79F.


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