Meemu Atoll / Maldives

    Meemu Atoll, located 100km/62mi to the south of Ari and Male atolls, is one of the most interesting and available atolls in the Maldives. The archipelago is washed by oceanic currents at the south and north that creates perfect conditions for the development of marine flora and fauna. The drift diving in numerous channels of Meemu Atoll will be an unforgettable adventure for divers.
    Mulaku Kandu is a long 30m/98ft deep channel situated at the north of the archipelago. With a help of the northern currents divers can move along the walls of the channel that have many small passages, holes and cavernas.
   Medhufushi Thila is also a long channel situated at the north of the archipelago. The diving conditions are very comfortable there: warm, clear water and weak currents. Dives start in the channel between two lagoons (it is the only entrance and exit). At the very beginning divers swim over a magnificent coral garden, then descend to 35m/114ft depth and finally discover numerous small caves.
   Mantas and More dive site name is clear without any explanations. Besides the abundance and variety of various corals and exciting drift diving, it also attracts divers by a chance to spot the schools of mantas. However, divers should be careful as currents are rather strong there.
Location: 100km/62mi to the south of Ari and Male atolls
What to see: coral gardens, pinnacles, various sharks, tunny fish, caranxes, lionfish, jackfish, morays, lots of plankton, mantas, barracudas, eagle rays, lobsters, green turtles and dolphins
Depth: 5-35m/16-115ft
Currents: 1-3 knots
Visibility: 20-30m/66-98ft
Season for diving: All year long, but the most comfortable time is from January to May.
The average temperature in January is 27-28C/80-82F


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