Underwater hunting on the yellowfin tunas / South Africa

School of yellowfin tunas
Underwater hunting on the yellowfin tuna becomes more popular. One of the best places for hunting in SAR is Hout Bay near Cape Town. The most favorable time is the period of summer rising tide, when cold currents rich in nourishing elements rise from the depths. Lots of plankton appears in the waters and attracts all the members of the SAR’s food chain.
Near the coast of Africa it is possible to find 3 tuna species: blue, yellowfin and long fin and there are also small tuna – bonito. The tunas gather in schools, although large blue tunas prefer swimming in small groups or alone. Tunas can develop the speed that reaches 77km/47mi/h. All tuna species are predators and their food consists of fish, scallops and cancroids.
Yellowfin tuna owes its name to orange-yellowish due of its back and anal fins. It is an unusually strong fish that reaches 2m/6.5ft length and 200kg/440lb weight. Young species usually move in schools and inhabit near the coast territories, while adult representatives live in the open ocean at 150m/492ft depth. During underwater hunting divers should be very attentive and well-prepared.

Location: the southern edge of Africa, near Cape Town

What to see: lots of blue, yellowfin and long fin tunas, bonitos

Depth: 20-32m/65-105ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: The best time is the period of summer rising tide. The average water temperature varies between 18-25C/64-77F.


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