Ngemelis Island / Palau

Ngemelis Island has the most interesting dive sites in Palau.The best dive sites of Ngemelis Island are the following:
Blue Corner dive site is located at the south-west of Palau. It is an underwater plateau which corner sticks out into the open sea. The vertical walls of the corner reach 50-70m/164-230ft height. The depth at the edge of the corner is 18m/59ft and at the base of the reef wall – 10m/33ft.
Blue Holes Reef is located to the north, just after Blue Corner, at the south of Palau. It is a place with an unusual underwater relief – there are three vertical wells, 10m/33ft in diameter, located at the outer side of the coral reef. They lead to one underwater hall at 24-30m/79-99ft depth that has an arched exit outside the reef. The Temple of Doom cave is connected with a dark cavity with the skeletons lying on the skulls. It’s better to dive during the outgoing current that will help to drift to Blue Corner.
New Drop Off Reef is located at the south-west of Palau. It is a medium-size corner which edge is located at 14-16m/45-53ft depth, while its base is at 8m/26ft depth. A great number of gorgonarias hanging from the walls create an amazing background for photos.
Big Drop Off Reef is a southern dive site in Palau. It is a vertical wall going down to 45-55m/148-181ft depth. The best dives are during the peak of the flow or at the beginning of the ebb when water is clear and visibility is good.
German Channel is the second most popular site in Palau. The mouth of the channel is formed by16-25m/52-82ft deep sandy bottom. Large coral heads are inhabited by schools of tiny fish.
Virgin Blue Hole Reef starts at New Drop Off and ends at Blue Corner. The edge of the reef starts at 1-1.5m/3-4ft depth, and then sharply goes down to 35m/115ft depth where it transforms into a sandy bottom and dead corals. The entrance to the tunnel is 8m/26ft in diameter and it is situated on the surface. There is a vertical cylindrical descend that goes to 30m/99ft depth and ends with several holes connecting the well with the ocean.
Ngebus Corner Reef is a part of the reef system that stretches from German Channel to the south-eastern point of Peleliu Corner. The upper part of this reef starts several meters from the water surface, so divers can see it during strong ebbs. Both walls vertically go down to 80m/262ft depth. At the place where northern and southern walls meet, they create a small plateau at 8m/26ft depth.
Dexter’s Wall is a dive site, located near Blue Corner. It is an excellent place to observe grey reef sharks.

Location: Western Pacific Ocean, 45km/28mi to the south-west of Koror

What to see: Colorful soft and hard corals, gorgonarias, orange mollusks, lots of reef fish, schools of barracudas and tunas, rays, mantas, triggerfish, huge Napoleonfish, butterflyfish, anthias, parrotfish, surgeonfish, grey reef, whitetip and leopard sharks, turtles etc.




Season for diving: All year round. The average water temperature varies between 28-30C/82-86F. February and March are considered cool months as water temperature can fall to 26C/79F


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