Northwest Point / Turks and Caicos


Northwest Point is known for two national parks that are located on its territory where it is possible to see a variety of birds and endemic iguanas that can be found only at Turks and Caicos islands. Fishing and underwater hunting are forbidden at Northwest Point that helps to preserve the variety of marine dwellers and maintain the health level of the coral reef. Here divers can find lots of sharp stones, grottos and cleavages. Currents can be very strong, but the dive sites of Northwest Point still attract divers from all over the world. Black Coral Forest is a coral wall that starts at 15m/49ft depth and runs down to more than 100m/328ft depth. The place has an unusual relief – at 25m/82ft depth there is a sort of ledge where divers can find five species of black corals. Shark Hotel got its name due to Caribbean sharks that periodically appear here. At 30m/99ft depth a colorful coral wall transforms into a plateau, covered with a carpet of sponges and scaled corals. At 32m/104ft depth there is a vertical tunnel that leads to open ocean. The Crack’s coral wall twists and creates a crack inside which divers can swim. The Dome is an underwater dome that gave life to an artificial reef where fascinating night dives are possible.

Location: Caribbean basin, east of Turks and Caicos archipelago

What to see: there are lots of sponges, actiniae, schools of small fish and marine turtles. Sometimes Caribbean sharks can be spotted here.

Depth: 17-100m/56-328ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 10-30m/33-99ft

Season for diving: All year round. The average water temperature is 28C/82F in summer and 24C/75F in winter.


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