Osprey Reef / Australia


Osprey Reef is located in the Coral Sea near Ribbons Reef and it looks like a huge underwater dome with a lagoon inside. The lagoon has an incredibly large size: 25km/15mi length and 8km/4mi width and its first level descends to 40m/131ft. The vertical walls that reach the bottom of the ocean partially resemble a large ladder. The length of the wall increases together with the descending. After the 40th step, there’s a 100m/328ft stair-well, than 250m/820ft and finally 8km/4mi stair-well that runs into the ocean depth. Because of the reef’s remote distance from the shore, daily dives are impossible. The routes for safari diving are available all year round. Feeding of the sharks – a popular attraction of the Osprey Reef should be better performed at the northern part of the reef – the North Horn.

Location: the Coral Sea, near Ribbons Reef

What to see: this place is inhabited with a variety of shark species: grey reef, black, whitetipped and longtail carpet sharks and also hammerheads.

Depth: 5-30m/16-99ft

Currents: 2 knots

Visibility: 10-40m/33-131ft

Season for diving: All year round. The average water temperature is 23C/73F during winter and 29C/84F in summer. Coral spawning is from October to November.


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