Playa Guardalavaca / Cuba

Canto Azul

Playa Guardalavaca is a beach, located to the north of Holguín city that is in the north-east of Cuba. A local underwater relief is rather multiple as it is formed by means of high hills, caves, small valleys and rocks with vertical walls. Here and there the bottom runs down steeply, forming coral covered terraces with typical Caribbean shallow area. The place is called a coral garden and it is undoubtly the best diving spot in the region. Here divers can descend to the following dive sites: Kanto Azul – a large wall the runs down to 60m/196ft depth; Corona – a valley of caves and walls going down to 35m/114ft depth and Channels 2 – a wall that starts at 30m/98ft and ends at 50m/164ft depth.

Location: The Atlantic Ocean, north-eastern region of the Cuban Archipelago

What to see: Here it is possible to spot a variety of corals, crustaceans and fish such as barracudas, tunas, snappers, Spanish mackerel, swordfish, peacock fish etc.

Depth: 15-50m/49-164ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: about 30m/98ft

Season for diving: All year round. The average water temperature is 27C/80F from May to October and 23C/73F from November to April.


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