Ras Mohammed / Egypt

      Ras Muhammad is the oldest marine park in Egypt and it is considered one of the most interesting diving sites in the Red Sea. Due to its location and warm currents, the place has rich flora and fauna. It is unique because of its beautiful dive sites. There are four of them: Shark-and-Yolanda, Shark Observatory, Jackfish Alley and Ras Ghozlani.
      The diving at Shark-and-Yolanda usually starts at the northern part near the Anemone plateau that is 25-30m/82-98ft deep. The drift-dive is preferable to use. At the south a Shark reef is located at the depth of 40m/131ft. The wall ends before the Shark reef and runs into an endless sea depth. The swimming above the abyss is the most spectacular experience for divers. The dive ends near Yolanda reef that was named after the sunken vessel.
       Shark Observatory is a reef area at 20-25m/65-82ft depth. The currents there are strong, so the most comfortable will be drift dive at the southern part of the reef.
       Jackfish Alley was named after its main dweller – whiptail stingray. The underwater landscape is a sandy area at 20m/65ft depth. The southern current is very strong here, so it’s better to dive keeping the wall to the right. This dive site is famous for its two caves with large entrances and exits. The bigger cave is situated at 6-10m/19-32ft depth, the smaller is at 7-14m/22-45ft.
         Ras Ghozlani is perfect for novices. It is a reef plateau that gradually descends to 15-30m/49-98ft and then suddenly goes down into the depth. Currents are not very strong there, so divers can easily admire the abundance of marine dwellers.
Location: about 20km/12mi south of Sharm El Sheikh, the northern part of the Red Sea
What to see: ship wreckages, coral gardens, anemones, glassfish, jackfish, scorpion fish, clownfish, tunny fish, sharks of various kinds, morays, caranxes, barracudas, green sea turtles, mollusks, crustaceans, starfish and colorful sponges.
Depth: 20-90m/66-295ft
Currents: 1-2 knots
Visibility: 10-40m/32-131ft
Season for diving: All the year long. The average temperature in January is 22C/76F, in June 28C/82F.


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