Roca Redonda / Galapagos Islands

Sea horse
Roca Redonda is located 24km/14mi from the north edge of the Isabella Island. A rectangular rock that rises from the mighty ocean is frequently visited during cruises to Darwin and Wolf islands.
Here divers can meet various pelagic fish. The southern part is a shelter for various underwater dwellers, while the northern part is often visited by hammerheads. At the eastern side, one can find huge stone boulders covered with large algae. This place is loved by eared seals that swim in the water during daytime and get on the top of the rocks to spend nights. Looking at almost vertical walls one can wonder how they get there. These friendly seals are waiting for the visitors’ attention. They attract tourists by showing amazing underwater stunts.
An active underwater volcano at the southern side adds charm to this place. A stream of hot water slowly rises from the bottom to the surface that signifies the presence of volcanic activity in this region.
The west edge that runs 20m/65ft deep is occupied by a large school of barracudas that truly astonishes with its quantity.

Location: Eastern Pacific Ocean, 24km/14mi from the north edge of the Isabella Island

What to see: There are many hammerheads, eared seals, barracudas, Zanclus cornutus, schools of Haemulon scuderi and Prionurus laticlavius, morays, pufferfish, scorpaenas and large perciform fish. Sometimes this place is visited by giant mantas, green turtles (who like resting on the bottom) and also careful stingrays that quickly retreat when scared.

Depth: 18-80m/59-262ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 5-10m/16-32ft

Season for diving: The best time to dive is during the warm season. Warm season is from January to May, when the temperature varies from 20-25C/68-77F. Cold season is from June to November, when the temperature ranges from 19-23C/66-73F.


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