Santa Cruz Island / Galapagos Islands

Santa Cruz Island is the center of the Galapagos islands, where all airlines arrive and all cruise routes start. The international research station, named after Charles Darwin, was built in 1959 in order to study the threat to the islands’ ecosystem. However, the main problem lies in feral domestic animals such as dogs, cats and goats which hunt defenseless giant turtles’ babies, iguanas, and flightless cormorants. To maintain the population level a special breeding program was developed in order to save lives of tiny turtles, until they grow strong enough to survive on their own. After that they are released into their natural habitat.
It is possible to go diving and snorkeling, visit lava caves, go on a voyage on a yacht, ride bikes or horses and observe birds in the territory around Puerto Ayora.
Location:The center of the Galapagos islands, eastern Pacific Ocean, 1000km/620mi to the west of the South American continentWhat to see: Whitetip reef sharks, barracudas, turtles, sea lions, reef fish, rays, schools of snappers, eels, marine iguanas etc.Depth: 7-40m/22-131ft

Currents: 2-3knots

Visibility: 5-30m/16-98ft

Season for diving: Warm season is from December to May, when the temperature varies from 23C/73F. Cold season is from June to November, when the temperature ranges from 18C/64F.


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