Satonda / Indonesia

Satonda is a small uninhabited volcanic island located near the northern coast of Sumbawa Island and separated with a narrow bay. There is a picturesque view of the 15-70m/49-229ft deep lake with salt water that can be seen from various parts of the island. In the forests there are bats. Diving is possible at the reefs near the island.

Location: to the north of Sumbawa Island,the Flores Sea

What to see: During the dive it is possible to see rare species of pygmy seahorses and giant frogfish, shrimps, nudibranchs, pipefish, scorpion-leaf fish.

Depth: 5-25m/16-82ft


Visibility: 10-25m/32-82ft

Season for diving: The period from April to December is the best time. The water temperature averages between 24-28C/75-82F.


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