Submerged Rock / Costa Rica

Submerged Rock

Submerged Rock is located at the southern part of the island, to the south of Alcyone dive site. It’s almost a vertical rock with a great number of cracks and breaks resembling a ladder by its form. The top rises a little bit above the water surface. There is an open-end cave, although it’s rather hard to swim via it because of strong currents.

Location: The South Pacific Ocean, 550km/341mi off the mainland of Costa Rica, near Cocos Island

What to see: Divers can spot numerous schools of fish, rays and sharks. One should be ready to struggle the way through the schools of madly rushing jackfish.

Depth: 20-35m/65-114ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: All year round, although the best time is from May to October. The average temperature is 26-29C/78-84F.


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