Swanee Reef / Mexico

Swanee Reef, @ Sebastian Herbi
Swanee reef was acknowledged as one of the most interesting dive sites of the Cortez Sea. Small depth, good visibility and abundance of marine life ensure pleasant diving. At the very bottom divers can find Salvatierra wreck that sunk 35 years ago. A huge steamer is hardly visible because of the corals that have entirely covered the remnants. This wreck attracts plenty of reef fish. To avoid the repetition of the tragedy the place was marked on the map.

Location: the south-west of the Cortez Sea, at the southern coast of Isla Espiritu Santo Island

What to see: large schools of green jackfish, wreck, octopuses, barracudas, corals.

Depth: 0-20m/0-65ft

Currents: none

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: All year long.

The average water temperature is 21-29C/70-84F.


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