Taj-Mahal cenote / Mexico

Taj-Mahal cenote
    Taj-Mahal is 26km/16mi to the south of Playa del Carmen and 5km/3mi to the south of Puerto Aventuras. This place will suit both cavern and cave dives. The diving includes passing from Taj-Mahal cenote to Sugarbowl cenote. There are very beautiful vaults, here and there entering bright sunbeams and a gorgeous hall with a large air pocket and three straight-through holes that let day light in. At the bottom one can find hundreds of stalactites lying in the deposits.
   Continuing the descent divers enter the Sugarbowl – a small cenote where it is possible to admire marvelous light show during sunny days.
   Taj-Mahal is decorated with stalactites, stalagmites and lots of hidden fossilizations. At 10m/32ft depth divers can observe halocline.

Location: north-eastern shore of Yucatan Peninsula, 33km/20mi south of Playa del Carmen

What to see: beautiful arches, light show, stalactites, stalagmites, various fossils, halocline

Depth: 5-15m/16-49ft

Currents: none

Visibility: 20-30m/65-98ft

Season for diving: All year round. The rain season is from June to October.

The average temperature in winter is 23C/73F and in summer - 26C/78F


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