Thomas Reef / Egypt

Thomas Reef
Thomas reef is the smallest and the most popular reef. It is one of the most spectacular diving spots in the north of the Red Sea. The average depth is 25m/82ft. The drift diving is advised to be used due to strong currents from the northern and southern parts of the reef. The divers can have an impression that everything looks like a show with a constant change of decorations and various sea creatures are the actors of this performance.
The reef walls are decorated with orange, pink and black flexible and tree-shaped corals. They run down to a sandy bottom, where it is possible to notice a slumbering shark. At the depth of 35m/104ft a wonderful deep canyon appears. It stretches along the reef and is crossed with a series of arches. Glass fish live in small caves, while large groupers are searching for food in the underwater tangles.
What to see: There are many soldier-fish, angelfish, tuna and surgeonfish near the slope. The barracudas are slowly swimming there. At the southern part a fence of gorgonarias stands on the way of divers and it often attracts the turtles.
Season for diving: All year long.
The average temperature in January is 24C/75F and in July 28C/82F


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