Turneffe / Belize

Turneffe atoll

Turneffe atoll is one of the largest sea atolls in Belize. The atoll consists of more than 400 small islands that are covered with mangrove forests and shallow lagoons. This place benefits the spawning of the reef fish and that is why there is a large abundance of species. Turneffe atoll includes about 70 dive sites. The most famous places among them are Elbow, West Coast, Blackbird Caye, Caye Coalker and Saint George’s Caye. Turneffe atoll is suitable for divers with all levels of preparation. The western part of the atoll consists of small reef that is excellent for novices. The eastern and southern parts of the reef have a varied relief, channels, sunken vessels and strong currents that require a higher level of preparation.

Location: north-west of the Caribbean Sea, 30km/18mi east of Belize City

What to see: Besides a great abundance of reef fish divers can meet sharks, mantas, barracudas, turtles and rays.

Depth: 5-40m/16-131ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 15-40m/49-131ft

Season for diving: All year round. The average water temperature is 26-29C/78-84F. The period from June to November is a rainy season.


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