Umbria Wreck / North Sudan

Shaab Rumi Reef and world famous Umbria wreck are a business card of the Red Sea.
Umbria was launched in 1912 in Hamburg and used as a trawler in the years of WWI. In 1935 it was purchased by the Italians and it’s the time when the ship got her name. Since 1937 Umbria travelled through Sudan waters and during WWII it transported ammunition and military cargo. The British staying in port of Sudan wanted to confiscate the vessel and seize the cargo. The attempt to capture the vessel was unsuccessful as Italians managed to sunk the vessel near the shore.
The most precious cargo was – the bombs. They are carefully packed in hundreds of rows. Bombs occupy the greater part of the sections reaching 360000 tons in weight. It was an object of interest for British people. As a result this wreck appeared near the port of Sudan. It has become popular among the divers from all over the world.
Massive 150m/492ft haul lies at the depth between 5-36m/16-118ft. Thanks to good natural lightning Umbria can be seen from 15m/49ft distance.
The vessel didn’t suffer after being sunken and staying underwater for so many years. Greater part of Umbria can be seen during a single dive. Three holds are available for exploration.
The dives don’t require special experience and are available for both novices and experienced divers.

Location: Red Sea, Wingate Reef, near port of Sudan

What to see: The wreck and its “treasures”. For example, in one of the holds there are well preserved Fiat Laguna trucks, hundreds of wine bottles and finally the most precious one (and the most dangerous) – the bombs. They are carefully packed in hundreds of rows. Bombs occupy the greater part of the section reaching 360000 tons in weight.

Depth: 20-35m/66-115ft

Currents: 1knot

Visibility: 10-15m/33-49ft

Season for diving: All year round. The temperature averages between28-30C/82-86F.


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