Umm Gamar / Egypt


Umm Gamar is a separate island in the open sea, situated in 10km/6mi to the south of Hurgada. Umm Gumar resembles half moon by its shape and has 400m/1312ft length. Southern and south-eastern parts of the reef are the most beautiful and rich, that’s why they are the best for diving. Its southern part is a plateau at 10-15m/32-49ft depth. Anchor stops for safari boats are situated there, so dives are most often started at this place.

However, the most interesting part of the dive site is situated in the south-eastern part of the reef where it transforms into a powerful reef wall. There are three huge reef pillars covered with soft purple corals. In the largest reef erg there is a cave at 27m/88ft depth. Further to the east the wall becomes more steep and goes down to 45-50m/147-164ft depth.

Location: 10km/6mi to the south of Hurgada, the north-western part of the Red Sea.
What to see: glassfish, morays, rockfish, rays, trunkfish, parrotfish, groupers, cornet fish, angelfish, tunnyfish, barracudas, caranxes, scorpion fish, whitetip reef shark, mantas and various corals.
Depth: 23-37m/75-121ft
Currents: < 1 knots
Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft
Season for diving: All the year long. The average temperature in January is 22C/76F, in June 28C/82F.


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