Whale Island / Vietnam

Whale Island is known as one of the best dive sites in Vietnam – the waters of Wan Fong bay are populated by lots of various marine dwellers.
The dives are performed at the following dive sites:
Hon Trau Nam is one of the most effective dive sites near the Whale Island. The dives are suitable for more experienced divers. Among a variety of tunnels, grottos and small caves it is possible to see colorful coral trees and gorgonarias.
Hon Kho Trang is a small rocky island where there are two interesting dive sites. The first is good for experienced divers – it starts at 20m/66ft depth. The second dive site is located at 18m/59ft depth near the cliff and is presented by a colorful coral garden.
Hon Tai is a coral plateau where both experienced and novice divers can dive.
Hon Lon is a dive site that is good for both day and night dives. It has good visibility of 30m/98ft or more and an abundance of corals.
Napoleon Rock is a protected from bad weather conditions dive site that offers diving in the coral gardens separated from each other by the sandy strips.
Mui Ganh is a dive site to the north of the Whale Island that grants an opportunity to observe the scorpaenae.
Bai Su is good for those who are interested in taking photos. It is suitable for divers of all levels.
Mui Co is one of the most attractive dive sites that offers an opportunity to observe various fish.
Hon Ong is perfect for splendid night dives. It is an excellent possibility to observe the animals that are hiding during day time at a relatively low depth of 3-12m/9-39ft: crabs, shrimps, scallops and seahorses.

Location: Eastern shore of Vietnam, Wan Fong bay

What to see: There are lots of hard and soft corals, small cancroids, nudibranchs, eagle rays, mantas, whale sharks, nurse and whitetip sharks, toadfish, napoleonfish, Spanish dancers, rays, groupers etc. In April-May the abundance of plankton attracts whale sharks and mantas.

Depth: 5-20m/16-66ft

Currents: 1 knot

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: The best time is from April-May to October-November. Water temperature ranges between 25-29C/7784F.


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