Wolf Island / Galapagos Islands

Wolf Island is located more than 100km/62mi north-west of the main group of the Galapagos islands and is available for only those divers, who travel in safari mode. The transportation to the island takes approximately 10-11 hours. The island attracts divers by a great variety of underwater flora and fauna.
The main dive sites are the following ones: Shark Bay, the Landslide, Elephant Rock, the Caves and La Banana. Here it is possible to see scalloped hammerheads all year round. One can also go snorkeling with dolphins and visit the Secret Cave.
Location:A remote island of the Galapagos islands located at the north of the archipelago, eastern Pacific Ocean, 1000km/620mi to the west of the South American continent
What to see:Here divers can see almost everything they want to: various corals, schools of hammerheads, sea lions, mantas, turtles, urchins, amberjacks, hogfish, butterfly fish, eels, dolphins. During the season it is also possible to observe whale sharks. The season usually lasts from June to November, but the highest probability of encountering them is in November. With luck, one might spot Galapagos sharks.

The island is also a home for thousands of marine birds such as red-footed boobies, masked boobies, frigates, pelicans and Galapagos sea-gulls.

Depth: 20-50m/65-164ft

Currents: 1-2knots

Visibility: 10-30m/32-98ft

Season for diving: Warm season is from January to May, when the temperature varies from 20-25C/68-77F. Cold season is from June to November, when the temperature ranges from 19-23C/66-73F.


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