Yapak2 / Philippines

School of fish
Yapak 2 is an exciting place that offers drift diving during the high tide. This place is swarmed by various fish. For example, triggerfish often swim along the coral wall, while sharks can sleep in the cracks or on the plateau. The wall starts at about 30/98ft depth and runs down abruptly.

Location: West of Boracay Island, the Sulu Sea

What to see: Grey reef and whitetip reef sharks, triggerfish, jackfish, tunas, snappers, barracudas etc.

Depth: 32-60m/105-197ft

Currents: 2knots

Visibility: 5-10m/16-32ft

Season for diving: All year round, but the availability of some western and eastern dive sites depend on the monsoons. The average water temperature duringDecember-February is 21C/69F, during April-May is 32C/89F.

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