Yellow Wall / Indonesia

Коралловый риф
Yellow Wall of Texas is one of the most often visited dive sites of the western coast of Nusa Kode. It is better to dive here in the afternoon, when the sun gives natural lighting to the coral wall. Diving conditions can be difficult.

Location: to the south of Rinka Island, the Savu Sea

What to see: Here are snappers, fusiliers, hawkfishes, frogfish, violet gobies, scallops and seahorses. Spanish dancers are one of the most amazing animals that can be seen during the night dives.

Depth: 20-35m/65-114ft

Currents: 1-3knots

Visibility: 5-20m/16-65ft

Season for diving: All year round. High season lasts from November to March. The water temperature ranges between 25-28C/77-82F.


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